My heart is not a hurry

Joris Vincken

available 9 December in Dutch stores 
mijn hart heeft geen haast
(my heart is not in a hurry)

Mijn Hart Heeft Geen Haast Joris Vincken is a musician, writer, programmer and inspirator. Golden records and chart hits did not bring the true richness of life he was seeking. For nearly 10 years he retreated in a spiritual community. There he discovered how the path inwards still was away from himself. With nothing but beautiful illusions he felt lonely and lost. Joris fell into a deep depression… until the day that nothing changed.



  • For a moment I thought it was Monday, fortunately I don't believe everything I think. about 2 hours ago

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Patrick Kicken

Earlier this week I spoke with Patrick Kicken for Non Duality TV. We spoke (in Dutch) about music, friendship, success, spirituality and mostly life itself.

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