Joris Vincken, heart meeting, coach, author, inspirator, heart-meetings

Joris Vincken, piano, pianist, muzikant, musicus, coach, coaching, sound healing, klank therapie, inspirator

Something still needs to be healed, transformed or solved, or so it seems.
I’ve spent a lifetime trying to overcome those obstacles until I found they only exist in my mind.

Whether it’s in a coaching sessionworkshop or lecture, I’ll meet you here, in this very moment.
I don’t need to fix you. What you really are was never broken.

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Non dualiteit coaching advaita

Once I was a seeker, trying to find the hidden riches of life. A mystery only to be found through the words of teachers, books, and traditions. I was like a bee, attracted to the honey of enlightenment, dreaming of becoming someone untouched by the world, always living in the purest of peace.

Today I am, without any search, full of questions, without answers. I breathe the infinity of this moment. Instead of being untouchable, life touches me in every fiber of my being. A larger whole has become visible. Once I wanted to be free from ego, now we dance together.

What can I do?
What you always did.
Who can I become?
Who you always were.
But life is still full of pain and sorrow.

Dissolve in life, until there’s nothing left of who you wanted to be. Until only remains what you have always been. Be full of doubt, without having even a single doubt, however impossible that may sound. Don’t doubt your doubts. Let every day be without tomorrow so that every tomorrow is today.

I look forward to meeting you, during a lecture or workshop, in a coaching sessionthrough my music or one of my books. You are more than welcome to contact me now.