My heart is not a hurry

Joris Vincken


My heart is not in a hurry

Joris Vincken is a musician, writer, programmer and inspirator. Golden records and chart hits did not bring the true richness of life he was seeking. For nearly 10 years he retreated in a spiritual community. There he discovered how the path inwards still was away from himself. With nothing but beautiful illusions he felt lonely and lost. Joris fell into a deep depression… until the day that nothing changed.

Ever since that moment there is no search anymore. What he was truly seeking, is what he has always been. Since that day his heart is no longer in a hurry.

There is nothing wrong with us, even though we continuously hear a different story. Maybe you think you need to learn, grow and overcome so much. To be more secure, loving and powerful. This book pierces through that illusion. No hair is in the wrong place, no thought without reason. You are perfect, exactly as you are right now.

‘How a beautiful human being one day found himself and life.’

Willem Vreeswijk

Author of Ho’oponopono, the quickest and most simple way to God

‘A true inspiration bundle, completely unique in its kind. Reads as an ode to Life. Beyond duality. A reminder of who we are, without the need to seek any longer or having to do anything.’

Ivo Valkenburg

Author of True Life – When love speaks through men and economy