Breaking news – Life is deadly!

Breaking news – Life is deadly!

Life is deadly! Research shows that almost everyone who is born dies. The relationship between birth and death is not yet fully known, but some sort of connection is now generally accepted. There is even talk of a worldwide epidemic.

Scientists recommend to celebrate life as much as possible, fully embracing the richness of every moment. Don’t let it get you down, but use the time between birth and death to tell each other and especially yourself how magical you are. A researcher from the scientific bureau noted that it’s not just how many years there are in your life, but how much life in your years. 

As long as no cure or vaccine has been found, it is recommended to dance, cry, love, get angry, bored, make love and laugh. Grind your bare feet in the mud, get lost, find yourself and keep singing in the rain. This doesn’t make life less deadly, but for sure a lot more alive!

Do I dare to meet
this day as a child,
without knowing anything?

Do I dare to see
this reality as a mystery again,
play this dream as truth?

Dare to greet you for the first time,
celebrate the magic of your shame,
kiss the pain in your happiness?

Do I dare as a child
without anything,
right here where I am?

Even if life is deadly, you are invited to live it, fully.
At times it can be challenging to actually do that. You are very welcome for a personal heart-meeting of coaching session or contact me directly.

Joris Vincken is a coach, author, musician en inspirator.