Don’t force yourself

Don’t force yourself to be
according to your will,
but rest in the beauty
that you already are.

It is hard to see our own beauty since we always look away from ourselves. We focus on the skills, looks or spiritual ‘achievements’ of those around us. But there is only one you, created in absolute perfection. Why not be that perfect self, instead of an imperfect copy of someone else?

Your doubts, tears and silliness are not a mistake. There is not a single hair out of place. We are not used to thinking this way about ourselves, but even the simple fact that you can think can doubt, can get upset, is breathtaking. No other creature on this planet has those skills, and still, we see ourselves as inadequate! What if instead of trying to understand what we are, we live it, celebrate it and meet the world from that place of wholeness.