Coaching session
individual heart-meeting

Sometimes life feels like a steep mountain that is almost impossible to climb on your own. In a personal heart-meeting or coaching session I won’t give you a ready-made recipe, but together we will find your authentic solutions. You don’t have to learn complex techniques or relive difficult memories. The solution is not to endlessly dig into old patterns, you already know them well enough.

I’ve spend my life studying techniques like NLP, meditation, hypnosis, breathing techniques, prayer, sacred and less sacred books, various workshops and trainings. The main study was life itself. From worldly success as a music producer to deep depression, from yogi to father. Whatever I achieved or learned, it was never enough, I was never good enough. Until I finally woke up from the illusion of a perfect future and discovered the richness of life exactly where I am now, exactly where you are now.

That’s how I meet you in a heart-meeting. Not as a therapist who has all the solutions, but from the deep trust that all the answers are already in you. Sometimes all that is needed is a different perspective or a difference in the questions you ask yourself.

Every coaching session is unique

Joris Vincken coachingEvery encounter is unique, every heart-meeting has its own sound. I often literally work with sound, including the unique “chakra healing chair“, where you don’t just hear it through your ears, but also feel the resonance in your body. I might use NLP or other techniques to achieve a deeper relaxation and to create space from what’s been holding you for so long. I listen without judgment, you are completely welcome, with everything that you are. Nothing is crazy or strange.

When is a coaching session recommended:

  • You want to experience (even more) your true freedom.
  • You’ve been seeking for a lifetime, but are still not enlightened.
  • It feels like you where never fully welcome in life, not your authentic self.
  • You are looking for your true self.
  • You always run into the same problem or pattern.

When is coaching less suitable:

  • You have severe traumatic experiences.
  • You struggle with a complex addiction.
  • You want to be healed from all kinds of complaints.
  • You are looking for a ready-made pill that solves all of your problems

I am not a therapist and so will never make statements about whether or not to use prescription medicine. However, the combination of “traditional” therapy and a heart-meeting session can work very well.

Get in touch

If you are unsure whether coaching is for you, or just want to know more about me, do get in touch. Let’s see if my energy fits yours and how we can get started. The easiest way to connect is to send an email. We can always schedule a call if you’d like to speak to me before we make an appointment.

Meeting in person is always preferred, but sometimes travelling to Eindhoven is not feasible. Skype (or Zoom, FaceTime) can be a great alternative.

Pracitcal information about coaching

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