Let go of your story

Let go of your story. This moment, who you are, needs no explanation. We define ourselves, our lives, with the furniture of the stories we tell. My spiritual story, success story, the story of my pain, my depression. You do not need to justify who you are, not to others, nor yourself.

A tree doesn’t explain why it lost its leaves early this year or the green buds open later than ‘usual’. The sun doesn’t feel guilty for shining equally on both Hitler and Gandhi. A scared dog doesn’t hide its tail between its legs. A cloud rains without consultation, a flower blooms uninvited.

Let go of your story. Even the most spiritual experience won’t make you more magical, nor can your greatest pain diminish what you truly are. Water doesn’t wet you, fire can’t burn you, wind doesn’t dry you. Step back for a moment and let go of any definition. What you are is so infinite that it is impossible to explain.

What you really are is breathtaking, even if it sometimes (or often) doesn’t feel like that. Dare to let go of your story, your explanations? You are very welcome for a personal heart-meeting or coaching session. If you have any questions or want to know more about me, get in touch.