Listen to my music on Spotify & iTunes

You can find my current music on Spotify and iTunes.

Once I wrote and produced music for artists and record companies. My childhood dream of golden and platinum records came true, but didn’t bring the real wealth of life I had been seeking, After a long period in which I didn’t release any music, I now write and play the sound of my heart.

You can find my music om all streaming platforms, (my album Stillness in Every Moment on CD). My latest album ‘Unbeginning’ can be seen on YouTube, accompanied by beautiful geometric images from nature.

Sound, music, is connected with everything I do. Both in personal as group heart-meetings I play piano with use the chakra healing chair (a unique experience where the sound of the strings literally resonate through your body).

Listen to my music on Spotify, iTunes and other steaming media.

My passion has always been the magical way in which rhythm and melodies touch us, move us. The magic of a pop songs that creates a lasting memory in three minutes. Now my music moves from my heart, tranquil sounds as an expression of life itself. In heart-meetings I play intuitive piano, the sound that resonates in that moment. On my albums you can find many of those piano improvisations.

Music, sound, is an invisible healer. That is why I use the chakra healing chair during my coaching sessions.

If you don’t use Spotify or iTunes, you can buy my previous album ‘Stillness in every moment‘ on CD (Netherlands and Belgium only).