Ragnar Johnsen
path of the heart

Recently I had a beautiful conversation with Ragnar Johnsen about listening to our inner voice and to live from your heart.

Ragnar is an experienced rune-master and wisdom-keeper from Norway. He is one of the elders in the KIVA gatherings, together with other shamans from around the world. Ragnar helps us to listen to our inner voice and be guided by our heart, listening to your spoken & unspoken stories and give guidance for your journey.

Wisdom-keeper and rune-master Ragnar Johnson talks with Joris Vincken about the path of the heart. For me home is where the heart is. It’s about learning to to accept oneself for all of what we are, to embrace all of that and to make friends with it. To be in peace with that we are not perfect. Well, we are perfect but perfection looks different than what we think. In nature perfect is not a fixed state, it is this constant evolution towards perfection. Which is something we never arrive at because everything is always changing. And that is what is perfect. Perfect is this constant changing evolution. Its the dance that’s perfect and it’s not about some result at the end. And no fixed state, it’s always moving. We will never arrive at the point in our life where we got it all or or no. I think we actually miss the point that we are already home, because we think home is somewhere else, someplace else or some other state or whatever we make up in our mind that it should look like or feel like. That’s where most are not with themselves, they are in their mind. They are either in the past or projecting the future and then they have expectations. Sure we we carry stuff from the past, but our journey is also about bringing them back and making friends with them instead.