The most important change in my life

Saying yes to the invitation of each moment has been the most important change in my life. Not only do I say yes, but embrace it completely. Now I won’t be bungee jumping anytime soon, as an adrenaline rush doesn’t do much for me, but I accept those invitations that touch my doubts, the ones that are unknown, unexpected.

What if you would say ‘yes’ to the invitation hidden in each moment?

It took me to the most wonderful places. Suddenly I found myself in Los Angeles, simply by saying ‘yes’ a few days earlier, after which I worked there for months. I wrote music for USC (University of Southern California) and programmed for the largest jeweller in the world. Completely unplanned, I ended up swimming in Hawaii, both with dolphins and a mermaid(!). In a church on the other side of the world, I was one of the first to stand on a chair, singing with the gospel choir from the top of my lungs. I met a shaman, smoked the medicine from the Bufo Alvarius (a toad from Mexico) that took me on a journey through the entire cosmos.

But all those adventures are not even close to the true riches of saying yes to life. Far more wonderful than all those outwardly impressive events is how rich my life has become. Grief no longer needs to be overcome, memories that once hurt terribly, even the greatest depression, are now magical moments of my life. My deep passion, perverted desires, the eternal love in my heart, my doubts and even messing up over and over again, are all pieces of a puzzle that was always complete. In fact, it doesn’t matter if I say yes or no, life said yes long before I did. I don’t have to accept anything any more, because life has already accepted it in all her compassion. I don’t even have to trust, knowing that if I don’t trust, if I don’t know, even if I sleep, life is alive, infinitely rich exactly as it is today.

The most important change in my life is that nothing needs to change. No longer do I have to play the conductor, I just dance to the beautiful melody of this moment.

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