We’re not reasonable
but we think we are.

The problem isn’t that we’re not reasonable, but that we think we are. To understand has become so important that we forget that information is rarely factual. Life is complicated, impossible to capture in facts. When knowledge becomes truth, we lose the deep richness of life, the mystery of this moment, here, where we are now.

We complain when a Jehovah’s Witness says it is true only because it the bible says so. Yet our behaviour is almost the same. Somewhere we read information, studied, listened to a guru or experienced something. Suddenly it is true, but life knows truth nor untruth. Life dances, moves and continuously (re)discovers itself.

We have become the Nostradamus of our own lives and think we already know what tomorrow looks like. We work our asses off to build tomorrow in the shape we had in mind. That is until life shows up and gives us a burnout, depression, anxiety or great happiness. Suddenly life is alive again, it dances, it cries. Instead of moving with today’s rhythm, we fight, want to conquer, heal or freeze life.

What if life was never a composition, but an improvisation? What if there is no TV guide for tomorrow, because today’s program is created in this very moment? What if the river doesn’t know whether it flows to the sea or evaporates into a cloud? What if I don’t know when death, the other side of birth, is on the agenda, tomorrow or in 50 years?

Let’s stop being reasonable and spend that time living, singing, dancing and most of all not knowing.

I look forward to our unreasonable meeting,
from heart to heart,

Does your heart also long to be unreasonable, away from the reasonable racing of your mind? Get in touch for a personal heart-meeting.

The problem isn’t that we’re not reasonable, but that we think we are.