Trapped in my train of thoughts

As long as I’m trapped in my train of thoughts,
my mind can only repeat what it already knows.
Not until I let go of what I think is the truth,
will I be able to see life as it really is.

For my knowing of truth makes me blind,
my words of wisdom make me deaf,
my search for unlimited happiness,
stops me from experiencing the full bliss of life.

So I stop and sit still,
no meditation, no prayer, no spiritual practise,
and I breathe this moment, I breathe life,
feel how it nourishes me, how it holds me,

gently whispering in my ear that I am enough,
I am her, and she is me, I am this earth that I sit upon,
I am the air that I breathe, I am the truth that I seek,
effortless, as it always has been,

even in those moments where my eyes appeared blind.

Do you dare to let go of your truth or do you feel trapped in the circle of thoughts in your mind? Contact me for a personal heart-meeting, you are welcome with everything that you.

Trapped in my train of thoughts