Trust life
the easiest thing in the world

It’s so easy to do nothing at all. Simply sit back and let life be, connected from a place of deep trust. Or is it?

Well, it’s simple, until things go wrong. Suddenly it appears that life is not going according to plan, solutions are needed. However, that which is absolutely crucial today no longer seems important tomorrow. My worries from 10 or 20 years ago now look small, almost insignificant.

There is a well-known story of two wolves. One wolf represents all bad qualities, anger, jealousy, arrogance, lies, and ego. The other stands for peace, hope, compassion, truth, and trust. They represent the fight in myself and the question is which wolf wins. The wise answer, of course, is the one you feed.

But is life not complete unless good conquers evil? Won’t I be fully whole until only my positive qualities remain? Who decides what is good? The successful salesman or the Buddhist monk? The New Testament tells a different story about good and evil than the Old Testament does. Is it good when the economy grows, or when nature blossoms? Is it good if spirituality wins over rational thinking?

We feel we should stand up for what is right. Working towards the perfect society, deeply connected, where everyone lives in harmony with each other. It is almost impossible to recognize that life has a wisdom that is greater than my consciousness, even my heart! My ego would rather die than admit such nonsense.

Or are all those good and evils not general truths, but personal preferences? Is my good a different good than yours? Perhaps the challenge is not so much for one to defeat the other, but rather in letting go of my attachment to both light and darkness. Perhaps life was always complete, except in my perception, my judgment.

To really trust life, it seems so easy. So easy to do nothing at all about anything. The dance of this perfect and complete moment, you who is breathtakingly whole and always has been.

Do you lack trust in life, confidence in yourself? I look forward to meeting you in an individual heart-meeting or coaching session. If you’re unsure if this is for you, do contact me.