When will we overcome our tears?

When will we overcome our tears?

When will we cry our tears with the same pride as our smiles? Not to overcome them as quickly as possible, but because they are part of being human.

When will our dark moments be as rich as our light? Not because we need to grow, but as a recognising of our true wholeness.

When do we no longer say we are happy to have overcome our difficult moments, feeling only good enough when we are radiant, successful or spiritual?

When will we live fully, including our tears and doubts, embracing both the air that flows in and out of our lungs? When do we dare to see life as a song to be danced, instead of an economy that needs to grow?

When do we dare to recognise ourselves, each other, and life as magical again, just as we did when we were children?

Maybe you’d love to answer ‘today’ (I want to overcome my tears today), but for one reason or another it is not so easy in everyday life. You are very welcome for a personal heart-meeting or coaching session. You can also contact me now.

We want to overcome our sadness, our tears, but being human is about embracing all of life, all emotions. Happiness cannot exist without sadness, licht not without darkness. There is nothing wrong with any of your feelings, no matter how often we’ve been told differently, or even told ourselves.