You cannot be free, but you can be free of you

Freedom might feel further away than ever. The sad news is that you will never be free, but you can be free of you!

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Freedom, true freedom, it feels further away than ever, doesn’t it?

Life feel tight, or closed, or even fearful.And the sad news is that whatever will happen in the world, or whatever won’t happen,you will never be free!

You will never be free, but you can be free of you. That might sound strange, or impossible,but we’ve all been there.Once it was completely natural, because when you were small there wasn’t ‘you’, as in a personality,there wasn’t this ‘I’, this sense of me being separate from the rest of the world. It was ‘just’ life, and I was one with it,

and you were one with it. There wasn’t even the sense of ‘I’ and ‘you’

or ‘others’ or ‘myself’ or ‘not myself’, and then, bit by bit our personality came online,and we became conscious, self-aware.

Somehow, we lost that connection, to life itself, to oneness. or at least, we thought we lost it. But in reality, nothing was ever lost. It’s just that something distracted us, we got so invested in this ‘I’ in this personality, in this taking care of ‘me’, that we forgot we were still one, still whole, still completely free.

It’s like if you’re a painter and you paint this make this beautiful painting and you spend years on it and you invest so much love and passion into it, and then you need to let go of it, that’s hard, that’s difficult. And we all know it, when we lost a partner or a relationship that didn’t work out the way you wanted to. And we put so much love and effort into it and then it’s heart-breaking to lose that person we love.

But we’ve invested way more in ourselves, in our personality, than we ever did in a partneror a car, or a painting, or beautiful music. We spend our whole live working and taking care of ‘I’, making sure we became someone, making sure that we made enough money, that we became maybe even spiritual person. That we became silent, great meditators or rich. Whatever our dreams were. We became a great partner, a great friend. All our effort, all our energy went into developing ‘I’, developing this personality, developing myself.

But true freedom can never be with this person, because a person can never be free. A person is always bound by our thoughts, that divide life into right and wrong, light and dark, good and not good. That’s what our brain does, and our personality is made up by our brain. But we can be free from that personality. We cannot get rid of it. I’m standing here talking and I walked to here, and I will be eating later, and I will be sleeping. So, this person does all these things.

But I can be free of that person, I don’t need to be so attached to it. I don’t need to spend all my days, all my time, worrying whether or not life takes care of this person. Because I know that life is alive, and life takes care of itself.

And then my worries are not so much that it’s going well for this individual, but then my love and my passion is that it’s going well for life as a whole, of which I’m part. Because I am that oneness. And then I might even realize that life doesn’t stop when I stop. Life doesn’t even stop at death. Because that’s just part of the journey of life, like summer and winter that come and go, and trees that grow and at some point become old and become the soil for new trees again.

It’s the same for us. We are born one day in this body, is born one day it will go. But that doesn’t mean that life ends. Live was a life far before I had this name and it will continue far after I lose this name.

So, you cannot become free, it’s impossible. But you can let go of your attachments to you,and realize that you’ve always been one, that you’ve always been whole. There was never anything wrong with you. As much as you were made to believe, or so much if you’ve been telling yourself.

You are magnificent, part of life itself. You are life itself!